the dress

had a none-scale victory yesterday. tried on a dress at my favourite clothing store, and i looked amazing. the size doesn’t matter and the dress doesn’t matter. what matters is that for the first time, i tried something on off the rack and genuinely liked how i looked. 

and let’s be clear, it wasn’t the dress. it was me.

it’s moments like these that keep me on track to lose the last little bit. and it’s moments like these that help me focus on my next goals.

and i bought the dress.

simple. and true.
one of my fav snacks
2/25 Progress

a bit up today - 138lbs and 20.6% bf. that’s fine though. happy to see the scale being consistent, perhaps retaining a bit of water b/c of the amount of walking I did yesterday

didn’t post my breakfast b/c it was the same as yesterday (it usually is a smoothie and coffee). And last night’s dinner, although clean, was ugly. Beef & mushroom pasta but looked more like brown mush. LOL.

my workout schedule over the next 2 weeks:

  • Monday: cardio
  • Tuesday: circuit training
  • Wednesday: circuit training
  • Thursday: cardio
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: circuit training
  • Sunday: circuit training

loving the circuits i’ve been doing - good ‘ol Jillian Michaels knows how to get your sweat on!

Afternoon snack: walnuts, blackberries and vanilla Americano. 175 calories.
Lunch: “pizza” on whole grain wrap with chicken, salsa, spinach, red peppers, jalapeño, avocado and mozza. 517 calories.
T-minus 1.6lbs. Breakfast: watermelon/whey smoothie and black Americano. And 32oz h2o.

so I’ve been really bad at staying on my tumblr. i know it’s helped me get as far as I have, so I’m making it my life’s mission to stay focused for the final 1.6lbs. 

Part of that is going to be posting every single thing I eat over the next few days until I reach my goal. Probably boring for some of you, but for others, perhaps you’re interested in knowing what I eat?

Whatever. Selfishly, this is about me, not you :)

me. all weekend.
"The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today."

-Les Brown